The Petra-Leccia Canyon is located in Central Corsica, between Corte and Ile-Rousse. This canyoning is best enjoyed in the spring. The playful and technical descent is intended for rather sporty people, looking for sensations.


It is a pretty canyon with ponds, jumps and nice slides. Technical and fun canyoning, the descent of the Petra-Leccia canyon allows you to learn about rope passages and abseiling. The course is punctuated with jumps and slides. For the more adventurous, a big jump and its famous 10 and 15 metre slides can be done and done all over again. For the less adventurous, the guide will help you in the difficult passages, those which make sensations. You will leave this canyon extremely proud of yourself and with good reason, believe the guide


The Petra-Leccia canyon does not require any technical skills in advance: we teach you to abseil with a rope. It’s not rocket science, you just need to be a bit sporty. And the instructor is there to reassure you and help you. However, abseiling can be a bit daunting for non-sporty people, in which case we recommend the Cipettu canyon. As in all our canyons, jumps and slides are optional. Altipiani provides you free of charge with special canyoning shoes, which are extremely grippy: you don’t get your shoes wet and you feel safe!


Ideal canyon in spring: The water level is perfect in May and June, even for those who are sensitive to the cold, who can always bask in the sun on a rock. In summer and autumn, the water level is low and it loses its interest.


Would you like to explore the Petra-leccia canyon with a private guide? This is the most comfortable way to enjoy this activity at your own pace, as a couple, with family or friends.

With Altipiani, you choose the best time to enjoy your canyoning descent.

Petra-leccia canyoning in private (from 2 to 3 people): €260.


€65 per person

Cheques or cash.

30 minutes

20 minutes


Accessible to anyone who practices sport regularly.

It is mandatory to know how to swim. You must declare any health problem, medical history, occasional or long term treatment, accident, likely to affect your physical or psychological health, as well as any particular apprehension (vertigo, medical history, fears…).

From 12 years old unless the child is tall and strong.

A swimming costume,

a pair of socks,

cereal bars, dried fruit

a bottle of water

a picnic for after the canyoning

Special canyoning shoes are always provided free of charge by Altipiani, and have been for the past 20 years.

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