Altipiani is a family mountain office, it was created by Agnès, a climbing, canyoning and hiking guide.

The Altipiani agency is located in Corte, in the heart of the mountains of Corsica.

We are specialised in the creation, organisation and supervision of nature sports activities:

  • Canyoning
  • Climbing
  • Electric bike (electrically assisted bike)
  • Hiking
  • Multi-activity and themed breaks.


In Canyoning:

Daily disinfection of equipment.

Since 2020, use of a new anti-COVID disinfectant, it is a disinfectant specially adapted to sports equipment: Oksybio100-EcoSterix Sport.

This product passes the EN 14476 standard (standard which validates the virucidie on CoronaVirus), elements provided by the HCSP (High Council of Public Health in France: extract n° 24-04-15 page 13).

Use of equipment manufactured by socially and environmentally responsible companies (Camaro, Waterproof, Mammut, La Sportiva, Petzl).

Altipiani is also a sports shop specialising in mountains, climbing, hiking and canyoning.

We are the first agency to have provided our clients with special canyon shoes, which are included in the price, at no extra charge.

Altipiani is committed to the respect of nature, through different actions, support to environmental protection associations (membership and annual donations)

U Levante – Corsican association for the protection of the environment,

Mountain Wilderness – National environmental protection association,

Support to NGOs working on social and environmental issues:

Public Eye,

Ethique sur l’Etiquette collective

Member of the Eco-tourism Network in Eastern Corsica

Member of the Green Friday collective