Canyoning du Verghellu

The Verghellu canyoning is our favourite canyon in summer because it is a concentration of all the activities that can be found in a canyon: jumps, slides, abseiling and the most beautiful zipline of Corsica in canyon! Not less than 45 meters. It is adapted both to the cautious people and to the risk-taking ones. There will always be the possibility of bypassing an obstacle for the more cautious. For the adventurous, they will be able to do more, such as a 10-metre jump and a huge 17-metre slide.


The Verghellu canyoning is located in the heart of the Corsican mountains, at an altitude of almost 1,000m. Fed by the melting snow in spring, the flow is too high. It is perfect for summer and autumn. The water is pure, clear, fresh and limpid.


55€ per person

Payment in cash on the day of the canyon or by credit card, or Paypal online

25 minutes

3 minutes

Accessible to anyone who practices sport regularly.

It is mandatory to know how to swim. You must declare any health problem, medical history, occasional or long term treatment, accident, likely to affect your physical or psychological health, as well as any particular apprehension (vertigo, medical history, fears…).

From 9 years old

Summer – Autumn

A swimming costume,

a pair of socks,

a bottle of water

Special canyoning shoes are always provided free of charge by Altipiani, and have been for the past 20 years.


Canyon du Verghellu​

55,00 3 hours



Facing south-east, the Verghellu canyoning is very sunny in the morning. Corsica is an island, a Mediterranean island with mountains. In the Mediterranean, the weather is always fine in summer. On the other hand, with the evaporation of the sea, the mountains of Central Corsica tend to be covered with clouds in the afternoon. Don’t worry, these clouds disappear at the end of the afternoon and the sun shines again on the Corsican mountains. So, if you are dreaming of a beautiful setting under the sun, enjoy the Verghellu canyon in the morning.


Would you like to explore the Verghellu canyon with a private guide? This is the most comfortable way to enjoy this activity at your own pace, as a couple, with family or friends.

With Altipiani, you choose the best time to enjoy your canyoning descent.

Verghellu canyoning in private (from 1 to 5 people): €410

Canyon du Verghellu​ en Privé

420,00 4 hours



Pascal and Agnès, guides from Altipiani, opened and equipped the Verghellu canyon in 2008. Pascal and Agnès have canyoned the Verghellu several times, but also its tributaries. They chose the most interesting part of the canyon, then equipped it to make the descent as fun as possible. It was Pascal, thanks to his great experience in canyoning, who had the idea of stretching this huge zipline over the big slide to cross the entire Verghellu pond. For several years, Altipiani was the only agency that accompanied clients in this canyon. Since then, the Verghellu has become one of the most famous canyons in Corsica.