Difficulty levels in canyoning

Altipiani offers you different canyons around Corte

We have classified the canyons into 3 levels: Discovery Canyon, Adventure Canyon and Sport Canyon.Of course, these levels are quite subjective, because we are in a natural environment. The level of difficulty of the same canyon can differ according to the water level. These levels are there to help you choose the canyoning which best suits you, in order to have a great time.
You can also contact us, we will guide you to the canyon that is best adapted to you.

Discovery level canyoning

The “discovery” level canyoning allows everyone to discover the activity without fear and in a fun way.
This canyon is ideal for families with young children or for the more cautious.
The Discovery level canyon is a canyon where we really take our time.
All activities, jumps, slides and abseils can be bypassed.
There are no mandatory obstacles in these canyons.
The average activity time is 3 hours.
These trips are designed for everyone and will leave you with an unforgettable experience!
Altipiani offers 2 canyoning courses, depending on the season: Capelli and Cipettu.

Intermediate level canyoning – adventure canyoning

These are canyons with the possibility to make big jumps or beautiful slides.
Of course, the obstacles are progressive and optional. And above all, jumps and slides are NEVER compulsory in canyoning!
However, the use of a rope may be necessary to overcome these obstacles (zip line or abseiling).
The duration of the activity is approximately 4-5 hours.

Sport canyoning

This is a fairly long canyon course. There is no need to be an expert, we teach you the necessary techniques. The important thing is to be able to perform 5 to 6 hours of sport activity.
The Vecchio canyon is a very sporty course because of its wild and difficult access. On the other hand, there are no compulsory obstacles: there are some big jumps possible but all the jumps in the canyon can be bypassed.
Petra-Leccia is our spring sports canyon.